K.C. Dogs

K.C. Dogs (Sunday) 

Our KC Dog section always attracts an excellent entry of top class dogs from across the North East! See everything from a Poodle to a Labrador!

Closing date for entries is the 8TH August 2021. Please return entry forms to – Cath Leighton, 16 Elmdale Road, Consett, DH8 6AX  (Mobile - 07714014887)

For further information and schedule please go to our 'Exhibitors Schedules' page.


Hound Group                                                            Mr. R. Dunlop

Utility Group                                                             Mr. S. Payne

Gundog Group                                                          Mrs. B. Bodle

Terrier Group                                                           Mr. D. Pearson

Working Group                                                        Mrs. A. Allan

Pastoral Group                                                          Mr. A. Cutler

Toy Group                                                                 Mr. J. Purnell